Does Interest Indicate Adoption?
Apple's Swift Programming Language Rises To 22 In Recent Language Rankings

The January 2015 edition of the RedMonk Programming Language Rankings has been published and in many cases the results align with expectations. Java and JavaScript continue to jossle for the top spot. C, C++ and C# all made a strong showing in the top 10 as did PHP, Ruby and Python. The venerable Objective-C even managed to hang on and claim the 10th spot.

One significant surprise, however, was Swift's rapid rise up the charts from 68th spot last fall to 22nd spot this January. Such a rapid rise up the charts apparently exceeds historic bursts of popularity for a specific language by a factor of 5. Momentum of this kind, if it can be sustained, would clearly see Swift enter the top 20 and perhaps edge towards the top 10 within the coming year. But can momentum of this kind be sustained?

Apple's steadfast promotion of the nascent language since its introduction at WWDC last spring has likely played a major role in its rapid ascension. That kind of high-profile sponsorship is bound to pay off, especially against a large field of candidates.

The real question, of course, is how much of Swift's recent jump in mindshare is a result of curiosity? Does the current level of interest in Swift reflect research and preparedness or does it reflect actual production work and true Swift adoption? Perhaps future research will shed light on these matters.

In any case Swift appears to be off to an excellent start.

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