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Carry A Card Shop In Your Pocket

Cards On-The-Go has been designed from the ground up to allow busy people...just like send personalized cards to anyone, anytime, directly from their mobile. With numerous categories, each loaded with a selection of fine cards, Cards On-The-Go transforms your device into a mobile card shop. Simply swipe through the categories and cards until you find just the right match. Then personalize it and send it using our built-in drawing and delivery tools.

A Picture Really Is Worth A Thousand Words

What could be better than a quality card delivered directly to your inbox? How about a quality card with a personal note, hand-drawn by the sender, delivered directly to your inbox? Simply sketch your personal note on the back of the chosen card. Make a worries...just shake your device to clear the card and start over! Once your masterpiece is complete simply hit send to prep it for delivery! Thanks to Cards On-The-Go's keyboard-free design a card can be selected, a message scrawled and a recipient specified (from Contacts)...all without typing a single letter!

So Ecological All Our Cards Should Be Green

Cards On-The-Go are available in a variety of colors but since they're digitally generated and electronically delivered their ecological footprint is minimal. As a result, they're the greenest cards you can matter what color you choose.

Your Card...Your Business

Since Cards On-The-Go uses your device's existing Mail service to store and deliver cards your personal info and contacts never leave your device.

Praise For Cards On-The-Go

The following section contains user reviews for Cards On-The-Go collected from the App Store. The reviews are listed in reverse chronological order and indicate their country of origin.

2010.06.20 Canada Cards On-The-Go 1.3

Awesome fun app
Fun to do!

2010.06.17 United States Cards On-The-Go 1.3

Cute and simple
This really is a cute app. I mean, the art style for the cards is charming, and it comes with a small but nice selection of different categories. First you choose the category, then a specific card. Then you can customize the "back" (that's how I think of it) of your card with a handwritten message. I find this part the most awkward - it's a great idea, but I'd also like the option to type. Perhaps using a hand-printed style typeface. The limited iPhone surface area makes it hard for me to fit much in there and make it legible. Finally, the card is generated as an email to be sent from the native Mail app. This was great, I was afraid it would be delivered via a web link or something, rather than as a direct email.

2010.06.16 Canada Cards On-The-Go 1.3

Nice app
Great app. So convenient! Just in time for Father's Day.

2010.05.30 United States Cards On-The-Go 1.2

Great product
Every one I send a card to is very happy to receive them. This is a must buy if you love your friends, mom, dad, kids, and even grandmas. And they are always adding new cards. Cards that need to be added are birthday cards. I thought this was a given. 4 stars until you add birthday cards.

2010.05.22 United States Cards On-The-Go 1.2

Cool little app...
...that allows me to create electronic cards that can be sent via email. Limited graphics can be sent but this is a good framework to build upon. Keep it up!

2010.05.21 Canada Cards On-The-Go 1.2

Love this for staying in touch...
I love's perfect for quick thank you cards and notes, which I need to send all the time. It's fast and easy to use and the cards are more colourful and fun than plain text. This way I don't forget to actually write my thank you's and stay in touch.

2010.05.14 United Kingdom Cards On-The-Go 1.1

I like this app, although it would be worth it more if it was 59p it's a bit expensive atm.

2010.05.09 United States Cards On-The-Go 1.1

This app just saved my life. I thought I was doomed to not getting mom a gift for mother's day but no, I sent her a card with love on mother's day!

2010.05.09 United States Cards On-The-Go 1.1

Simple easy to use app
This is a simple, easy to use, card app. The cards themselves are cute. There is a nice assortment for the front of the card, then you can write your own note with your handwriting. The addition of the "back" button will make it much easier to send a second card - until then, you'll need to exit the app to start again. Overall, it's an easy way to write and send a personal message. Nice job.

2010.05.08 United States Cards On-The-Go 1.1

A great gift.

2010.05.06 United States Cards On-The-Go 1.1

This is a cute app if you want to send someone something personal. I think that it should be free.

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