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Every Event...Anywhere, Anytime

CityVibe provides the residents of, and visitors to, the City of Victoria with complete festival listings in the palm of their hand. The app facilitates event discovery by schedule, by venue and by artist. CityVibe's custom controls, dedicated mapping and network-free operation provide users with an experience that is pleasant, effective, blazingly fast and dependable.

Awards And Anniversaries

CityVibe was designed, developed and published in 2011. The app met with considerable success and won the prestigious MISA BC Spirit of Innovation Award. It was expanded and retooled in 2012 to serve as the mobile app for the City of Victoria's 150th Anniversary celebration. After a successful 2012 season the CityVibe project was transitioned to City staff.

Print To Mobile Done Right

Instead of simply porting the existing printed CityVibe booklet to mobile Netistry dug into the core use cases surrounding the CityVibe information space and designed and developed a highly successful, unique mobile experience from the ground up. The end result...the CityVibe app done right! Contact Netistry to learn how to properly migrate your content to mobile.

Praise For CityVibe

The following section contains user reviews for CityVibe collected from the App Store. The reviews are listed in reverse chronological order and indicate their country of origin.
2012.08.19 Canada CityVibe 1.4

Great App
Lots of potential, it just needs to pull events from more sources.
2012.07.08 Canada CityVibe 1.4

Great App!
Easy to use, lots of great info.
2012.05.27 Canada CityVibe 1.3

Great App For What's On In The City!
I used this last year and loved it! It's great to know what's going on around the city. Tons of free events and concerts listed that I didn't know about. Really useful. The movies in the park were my favourite new "find". Thanks for the new version this year! So cool that it's free. Cheers :)
2011.08.17 Canada CityVibe 1.2

It does exactly what it says it does
2011.07.15 Canada CityVibe 1.1

Great Ap!
Great ap for those wondering what is happening around Greater Victoria each day. The calendar tells you the event, and the location and time of the event. Very helpful.

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