Rune Casting Anywhere, Anytime
Rune casting is an ancient tradition. It has been practiced in Europe for millennia as a powerful aid to focused introspection. Now, with Runes, you can seek guidance from your inner self anywhere, anytime on your mobile device.

Superior Casting Experience
Runes provides a clean, compelling user experience through the use of subtle animations and meaningful interactions. Cast or recast a variety of spreads at any point with the push of a button. Pull each rune from the swirling well according to your own rhythm in order to perform the cast. Touch any stone at any time to study its mystical significance. A rune casting guide is included as well as a rune browser to allow for self-directed study of the set.

Authentic Elder Futhark
Runes utilizes all 24 runes of the authentic Elder Futhark alphabet. Runes does not use or contain the so-called blank rune.

Multiple Cast Types
Runes supports the 1-rune (Odin), 3-rune (Norn), 5-rune (Tyr) and 7-rune (Freyja) cast rituals. Each stone is pulled from the rune well according to the user's personal rhythm. Once all of the runes are present in their appropriate positions, the well fades away to allow for interpretation. Cast or recast any spread at any time. Simply touch one of the cast buttons to initiate a new cast.

Illustrated With Runic Motifs
From the illustrations of Yggdrasil and Nidhogg to the swirling rune well, to the finely detailed rune stones, great care has been taken to provide a coherent, cohesive user experience.

Detailed Rune Dictionary
Runes contains a rune dictionary which allows for self-directed study of the Elder Futhark. A detailed description is provided for each of the runes in the set. Users are free to browse through this set and contemplate the runes at their leisure.

Extensive User's Guide
Runes contains an extensive user's guide. This guide provides instructions on how to use the application and rune casting in general. All of this content is contained within the application. No network connection is required to use the guide.

Powerful, Flexible Cast Snapshots
Runes allows users to save a snapshot of their cast to Photos. Runes scrubs all distractions from the image in order to highlight the stones in the cast. From Photos users can send their snapshot, with comments, to anyone with an email address. Users can also set the snapshot as their device's wallpaper for the day.

Configurable Settings
Users can configure Runes to alter the size of the text used throughout the application.

A Final Note On The Use Of Runes
The proper use of Runes is an excellent way to promote introspection, unleash insight and achieve inspiration. Runes is not, however, a definitive life guide. It should not be relied on to purchase investments, change jobs, choose partners or resolve any other major decisions. In fact, the most important thing to remember about rune casting is that it should be fun!

If you would like to suggest new features for Runes, report issues with existing versions or just leave a few comments for our designers, please send an email to the Netistry mailbox.

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